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Revisited the new og Mortal Kombat movie. Too tired to think about it, but I guess here’s a forewarning for tomorrow 🤣

A lot of the friction of modern life comes from capitalism's mandate that the workplace must operate with the smallest number of staff possible. To do otherwise is to needlessly spend money that could go to profits, the theory goes.

In practice, this means that every workplace is constantly running on the ragged edge of failure and disaster, keeping it together by their fingernails. So staff are stressed, struggling and burned out, and customers are rarely if ever satisfied.


Instance admins, I advise you to block chudbuds dot lol.

was created 16/09, is now home of thousands of kiwifarmers. receipts below.


please, I need an example of a quasi-cringe/quasi-earnest self-published author's website with kind of old school design, etc.

Boosts welcome.

USPol, election workers 



If you've ever wondered about being a poll worker this site gives the deets and a way to sign up in your locale.

Worth checking into if you have the interest and the time!

deathloop dropped on gamepass but you cant play as a girl except in PVP so

0/10 bad game

The kind of guy who can’t be bothered to say his Indian coworker’s name correctly, but does A Whole Accent for saying random words in High Valyrian.

hi this post is from my single-user instance where i hope to do more longform bloggy project stuff, plz boost & follow if you like gay crafts and depression

ok not... "like" like, but..
you know what i mean

depression enthusiasts




a paper planner / organizer you actually like and use and find helpful


PSA about #Etsy

They have emails going out for bank account verification.

These are real! That said, still make sure it's actually from Etsy.

If you're not sure about the link in the email, you can check directly by going to "Finances" > "Payment Settings" under your shop settings or directly by going to

This morning's recruiter mail, DM if you want any of these:
Data Analyst / Data Architect, remote
Azure Windows Server Admin, remote
Azure Windows Server Admin, Redmond WA
Systems Engineer (Linux), remote
Infrastructure Engineer, NYC
Project Manager, remote
Data Analyst, Charlotte NC
System Admin, Atlanta GA
Program Manager, NYC
Network Analyst, Golden CO
Desktop Support, Blacksburg VA

What I imagine when people say open hardware, but it's never that.

Inveigle is such a great word

Imagine being the person who thought it up:

“What could mean ‘Win over with wiles & charm’ but sound as goofy as possible?”

10/10 no notes

Just migrated my account and there is no option to export and import muted words on Mastodon, so now my feed is full of stuff happening today that I have specifically been trying to avoid.

I opened an issue on the Mastodon Github issue list about this... FOUR years ago.

Please consider heading over there to add a comment or 👍 if you have a Github account. Thank you. <3

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