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If I had a dime for every time I have read “use this command line tool it’s SO EASY!”

and then there’s no explanation or documentation or anything anywhere

Well, if I had a dime for every time that happened

I’d be in Málaga Spain, proud owner of that €12m greenhouse

Shout out to my epiglottis for noping out and letting my esophagus and trachea duke it out over who should get priority.

@paeneultima Here on Mastodon it is shown like this:

RE: <link to post>


Since Misskey allows for quote posting....

how do those posts appear to those of us in no-god-damn-quote-posting spaces?

when the film has 2 seeders 0 leechers, you know it's gonna be good

yeah I'm into ASMR

Thinking about how Jared Leto's best performance was in Requiem For A Dream, gold star work as a pathetic and irresponsible fuckboy who didn't remotely deserve his grotesquely exploited girlfriend. It was all downhill from there because no other role could suit him as well

I'm looking for conference posters that are NOT in English or other Latin texts for my poster blog.

Anyone know an conference with poster sessions where the primary language is not English and similar?

Me: fuck, this one too!?

(they have the drums tied to strobe lights, I don't know if it's enough to trigger any photo-sensitivity, but it's worth noting)

Also lol they blew the fuse.

god that was such a good fucking time

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Me: *fires up the ol' nostalgia machine"

Me: *clicks*

Me: Damn, this was such a good show.

Me: WTF this was 22 fucking years ago?????

There are those of us who grew up in the transition from "lasting products" to "planned obsolescence" products.

and I feel like there's a certain ennui that is indelibly intertwined with those kinds of things.

Like, we grew up with Good and Sturdy Things

But by the time we were adults there was Only Trash Available.

This is different than folks who got to experience adulthood with good products

and different from those who only experience those good products as artifacts of the past

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

linguistics, etymology, colonialism, Star Trek 

Did you know?

Persian "farangi" -->
Urdu/Hindi "firangi" -->
English (Star Trek) "Ferengi"

In South Asia, the term describes foreigners, specifically British but also more generally white Europeans.

It's such an apt name for the Star Trek species which embodies and makes a literal religion out of everything that is wrong with British/European/USian colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy; greed, sexism, profiteering, classism, racism, and so on.

I know there aren't many Apple users on here, but just fyi: if you use an Apple product, make extra, extra, *extra* sure not to break it for at least a couple months because part acquisition right now is off the rails due to supply chain shit. We're talking repairs measured in months here.

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