Heyo, fellow wheelchair users!

What are your tips, solutions, and setups for anchoring your wheelchair in your car's trunk when it's too spacey to not move around when you're driving ?

I have little to no support in my trunk, but I have some room where I plan to set up custom anchors specifically for the wheelchair (to more easily load/unload it), but I don't really know how to do it yet...

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from now on all my posts will be in latin. they may look like english but i can assure you they're in latin. you understand latin now.

@MmeLibertine I cannot imagine the amount of energy that goes into getting dressed up and going to a place you don't want to be. I can barely eat a potato chip I'm not fully invested in.

Universe deliver me from ukulele covers of somewhere over the fucking rainbow

(She said while toeing her ukulele out of sight)

@balrogboogie I'm about to test this out because I loved this movie so much. I reference Pip farting on a snare drum at least once a week.

money request, emigration & vet, please read 

I'm three weeks out from leaving the country, and I just got hit with a $200 vet bill, for a second exam and another set of paperwork, to bring my cat, Machendra with me. It's extremely time-sensitive.

Money is so tight until I get there, that all I can think of to even do is ask and see if you all could spare a few dollars towards this.


I can't leave him here, since the entire point of this trip is to get us both to this new place.

I'm sorry about this. You all know how long I've been planning, reworking the budget and trying to get my trans ass to safety. Two years? I just want this to work out.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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Age check: Got reminded of the existence of the Bridge9 boards.

Turns out the label & site still exist, but that board is looooooong gone

Gonna see “third places” work it’s way into every conversation I have for at least the next year

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food, meat, caff, accidentally lewd 

@ghost_bird read that first as “jiggling” sausage

Absolutely vile. They talk about holding your home the way cryptobros talk about HODLing NFTs.

Garbage brains

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Just saw an article that referred to where you live as your “primary home” in case you’re curious about the bone-deep rot that is at the core of the housing crisis.

Cultural differences? 💩 (literally) 

@mood this earned my first ugly guffaw of the day

Cultural differences? 💩 (literally) 

@mood I also feel like weaponizing things is just a very American thing to do in general

Cultural differences? 💩 (literally) 

@mood I like this Korean point of view more! Normalize poop!

Cultural differences? 💩 (literally) 

Is it a purely American thing to be like “I blew up that bathroom” when you have a particularly offensive shit?

I had never heard of this until adulthood and I think it’s weird and childish. It’s poop. We all do it. Sometimes it’s An Ordeal. No one cares. Except apparently everyone cares?????

Anyway I’m from the US and am wondering if it’s just a US thing? It feels like a thing that is very American to do.

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