Hey hey!

New 7" (digital only) out today! (Coming later to all the streaming platforms, available on Bandcamp now!)


Spouse was playing me songs he’s written for our new album and for our as-yet-unnamed shoegaze side project and damn. They’re really good. Really really good.

is here!!

I'll spare y'all's timelines by putting all our music into one post.

- toadlilies.bandcamp.com/ - indie/alternative/shoegaze/dreampop by turns

- corporateastrology.bandcamp.co - vaporwave ambient, indulgent, wistful, retrowave, self-indulgent electronic music

- loveandsleep.bandcamp.com/ - somewhere in space between toadlilies and corporate//astrology

One Stop shop (our label) - ohmygolly.bandcamp.com/

Friend start DS9 and it makes me so happy.

Also reminded me that our first album is named after Garak’s best line “especially the lies” (toadlilies.band/)

And that we named a track our first EP after MY favorite episode “Rocks & Shoals” (loveandsleep.digital/)


It's here!

Our toadlilies album, "steal yourself" is now on bandcamp (and other streaming sites)!

If you enjoy dreampop keyboards, vocals low in the mix, and distortion on everything with strings, this may be your jam. (Check it out if not, could be a good surprise!)


Tomorrow my band "toadlilies" will see its second full length album release!

We are a melange of shoegaze and janglepop.

Of course, we would love for any support to come via our bandcamp, but hey any platform is a great platform and we're on pretty much all of them. I've compiled as many direct links as I could track down:


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