is here!!

I'll spare y'all's timelines by putting all our music into one post.

- - indie/alternative/shoegaze/dreampop by turns

- - vaporwave ambient, indulgent, wistful, retrowave, self-indulgent electronic music

- - somewhere in space between toadlilies and corporate//astrology

One Stop shop (our label) -

Whoops I just remembered what I want to call the next corporate//astrology album.

Guess I need to write it now.

I have a solo music project called "corporate//astrology" (because I hate search engines, apparently).

It's the most self-indulgent bit of bleep-bloop electronic delight.

I just released my first full length album "techs arcana" on Jan 4.

The Dreaming City

An instance for paeneultima and her various creative projects. It's just easier having a space of one's own.