USpol, shootings 

Sigh. I hate it here.

I yearn for when I can say “I hated it there.”


Trying out some new noodles cos the ramen discs we usually buy are getting supply chain’d

1) see it’s way better in pencil

2) hybrid print/cursive ftw

3) also I’m a lefty. Fwiw

Food, fucking angry making in the most inane way 

Channeling my bad brain energy into how angry this abomination makes me

Food, vegan 

Fuck yeah gonna make some fucken pizza

Bad Cat is Sad Cat cos I moved my zigzag cactus to where she can’t chomp it

I posted about this the other day, but got no feedback

What the heck does this button do?

Cursed beverage 

I have suffered the knowledge that this abomination exists, so now all must suffer

Anyway, here's what it would look like. CW cos the picrew peson is holding a knife

Food, vegan 

Stumbled across these tvp strands at the Asian market closest to us. They’re about the size of a McDonald’s french fry when fully prepped, and the texture is closer to jerky than a soy curl.

Anyway they’re amazing

I meant to keep weekly progress on this but forgot

Anyway tradescantia is doing great! The second photo was 4 weeks ago.

Me, every time someone talks shit about how sycamore trees drop their bark:

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