My hoya is blooming again for the first time since we moved!

It has not one, not two, but THREE separate bloom bunches coming in! :teal_lime_sparkle_heart: :lime_teal_sparkle_heart:

When you have doll baby wrists but you want to wear the pretty Apple Watch band

1) no this is not the kind you can shorten
2) no I can’t find non-standard lengths for this type anywhere (hmu if you know where I could get one!
3) yes I make the watch face be on the inside of my wrist

Food, cooking, fucking delicious 

Tried out a different dehydrated protein today and holy shit it tastes and has texture exactly like chicken (standard disclaimer of I haven’t eaten meat in like 18 years so “exactly” is doing a lot of heavy lifting)

Vegan food 

Omg if these are good I’m making a salmon loaf for the first time in like 20 years

Food, prep 

Hell yeah gonna have some 9 bean soup tomorrow

My plant parenting in a nutshell

(A thriving orchid and a dead cactus)

Me: I wonder if I can tell whether that goose I see every morning is a boy or a girl


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