My favorite O Brother, Where Are Thou? trivia is that George Clooney had his Kentuckian dad record all his lines so that Clooney could listen to and memorize them with the proper accent. When Clooney showed up for filming and started saying his lines, the Coens were like "dude what is wrong with you, why aren't you saying the swears?" and that is when Clooney realized his dad had substituted all the swears with gosh darns and shoots.

"I don't want no FOP, gosh darn it, I'm a Dapper Dan man!" definitely doesn't have the same ring

@checkervest imagine asking your dad to record all your lines that are full of swears and not expecting that this could happen


@idlestate @infernusgoatus @checkervest hahaha same "I just felt adding [word(s)] would be more natural

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