This article about making more sustainable clothing choices points out that by wearing a garment twice as many times as the average before discarding it, the environmental impact is lessened by 49%.

It goes on to say that it's hard to get numbers on what average is, but one survey estimates clothes get worn seven times. Looking at all the factors, I understand it. But thinking about how little 14 wears is, 7 hammers home the frantic pace of it all.

@checkervest @erinbee I think I wear most of my clothes 7x a month! How is this even real??

@paeneultima @checkervest It's a combination of people not wanting to be seen in the same thing more than once, buying clothes for YouTube/TikTok haul videos that they only put on for the video (and returning them, and some chains just dispose of it instead of putting it back on the rack), following breakneck style cycles and forgetting about old items, and things being designed to have limited lasting power. Just layers of problems.

@erinbee @checkervest 100% I was thinking just the other day about being on the tail end of "things are forever" and I still engage with everything that way.


@erinbee @checkervest like in a "before the planned obsolescence era" kind of way

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