Gentle reminder that camel case hashtags:

1) are considerate of folks using screen readers

2) easier to read in general (have we all forgotten Le Tits Now?)

3) makes you super cool!

@kescher I didn’t know that was called snake case! I love it!

@kescher @paeneultima love the name snake_case! When I set up my instance I had trouble finding camelcase and especially underscored emoji shortcodes for some popular emoji series, and re-uploaded a bunch myself with underscored shortcodes. As far as I can tell the Flan emojis are the only major emoji set that is consistently underscored. :flan_writing:

@paeneultima for those who don't know what camel case is: it's writing multiple words together while using uppercase letters for the first letter of a word JustLikeThis


Important to know that hashtags aren't case sensitive, which means we're free to do this.

I wasn't sure about that, initially.

@paeneultima if only the tag autocomplete on masto used them instead of all lowercase all the time, to the point of very easily accidentally replacing one with the other...

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