You know that scene in every drug-running movie where the guy slowly cuts open a kilo of cocaine with a switchblade, rubs it on his teeth/gums, spits, and says "what the fuck is this shit?"

That's me whenever I am confronted with another Wordle knockoff.

oh no this wasn't meant to be a subtoot I'm just telling jokes and the timeline has made me look like a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

out of context the above post is pretty evergreen tbqh

Anyway RIP yesterday was the last pure, uncut, non-NYT Wordle.


@paeneultima yea i posted my nerdle result and 20 seconds later your post showed up and i was like "....wait, this probably isn't about me, specifically" lol

@paeneultima and is that why I lost my wordle streak? rip :(


@balrogboogie it should have carried over! Mine did...for now anyway

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