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Today is a good day to re-up the advice from one of my favorite coworkers of all time:

It is okay to have an unexpressed thought.

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Curse of knowledge:

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand.

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oh no this wasn't meant to be a subtoot I'm just telling jokes and the timeline has made me look like a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

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My love language is giving credit to people for the things they create.

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is here!!

I'll spare y'all's timelines by putting all our music into one post.

- - indie/alternative/shoegaze/dreampop by turns

- - vaporwave ambient, indulgent, wistful, retrowave, self-indulgent electronic music

- - somewhere in space between toadlilies and corporate//astrology

One Stop shop (our label) -

Bad cat: *peers over side of bathtub*

Bad cat: are you unaware that you are supposed to be furniture in bed for me right now? This is not bed

“Oh we can hook you up real good. What kinds of activities you doing on that thing?” *wink* *knowing stare*

“I just want to play duolingo and log into my university’s canvas instance”

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Dystopian tech future writers never imagined that it wouldn’t be wetware we’d be getting in back alley situations, it’s third party screens for our smart phones

oh neat, even if I could attach a keyboard, your phone requires you to unlock it before it will recognize a new external device

gdi apple

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Spouse’s phone met an untimely demise and I would like to help him recover stuff off it if possible

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Hey guys! I'm looking for suggestions of fediverse alternatives for Twitch, if any. With Twitch's recent changes to discoverability they've basically nuked small channels and my numbers are basically nothing now. I don't need a perfect replacement I just need somewhere I could grow a small community and I'd rather avoid going over to Youtube *shudder*

are you ready for my spiciest take of the weekend? 

butt pockets are a design flaw & should be replaced with hip/thigh pockets

there's only like 3 different things on this earth that u can put in a butt pocket without destroying either the thing, the pocket, or your butt

when mastodon gets mad about web data formats 

Fedi vs. JSON

Say your phone screen is borked and you can’t physically unlock it with presses

Is there a workaround/software that isn’t sketchy AF

(iPhone) :boost_requested:

Catch me in my new top anywhere I am for the next thirty or forty years

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a little dignity here

Considering the AP Stylebook expects me to respect their absolutely entropic approach to shortening state names

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I stop reading absolutely any article the second the coding on a link has either the leading space underlined, of the space after

Clean up your shitty coding. Damn


Parbaked (or however you’d call them) breadsticks are so good

I like making bread sometimes

But sometimes “8 mins at 375F” is all I’m willing to commit

Germany to replace trans law with self-declaration 

Germany unveils plans to permit self-declaration for name and gender change, no longer requiring statements of 2 experts for such changes. The law will need to pass Parliament, several EU states have similar laws

Bad cat whining and butting the bed with her head cos I’m not under the covers, and therefore not good enough to cuddle with

This guy sitting next to us is romantically proselytizing to his gf

It’s really weird

But she seems into it so whatever

I bought a "personal watermelon" at the store and it feels really good to just pick it up and toss it in the air, this is probably not going to end badly

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