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Today is a good day to re-up the advice from one of my favorite coworkers of all time:

It is okay to have an unexpressed thought.

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Curse of knowledge:

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand.

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oh no this wasn't meant to be a subtoot I'm just telling jokes and the timeline has made me look like a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

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My love language is giving credit to people for the things they create.

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is here!!

I'll spare y'all's timelines by putting all our music into one post.

- - indie/alternative/shoegaze/dreampop by turns

- - vaporwave ambient, indulgent, wistful, retrowave, self-indulgent electronic music

- - somewhere in space between toadlilies and corporate//astrology

One Stop shop (our label) -

Universe deliver me from ukulele covers of somewhere over the fucking rainbow

(She said while toeing her ukulele out of sight)

money request, emigration & vet, please read 

I'm three weeks out from leaving the country, and I just got hit with a $200 vet bill, for a second exam and another set of paperwork, to bring my cat, Machendra with me. It's extremely time-sensitive.

Money is so tight until I get there, that all I can think of to even do is ask and see if you all could spare a few dollars towards this.

I can't leave him here, since the entire point of this trip is to get us both to this new place.

I'm sorry about this. You all know how long I've been planning, reworking the budget and trying to get my trans ass to safety. Two years? I just want this to work out.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Please boost for visibility. :boost_requested:


Age check: Got reminded of the existence of the Bridge9 boards.

Turns out the label & site still exist, but that board is looooooong gone

Gonna see “third places” work it’s way into every conversation I have for at least the next year

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Absolutely vile. They talk about holding your home the way cryptobros talk about HODLing NFTs.

Garbage brains

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Just saw an article that referred to where you live as your “primary home” in case you’re curious about the bone-deep rot that is at the core of the housing crisis.

Cultural differences? 💩 (literally) 

Is it a purely American thing to be like “I blew up that bathroom” when you have a particularly offensive shit?

I had never heard of this until adulthood and I think it’s weird and childish. It’s poop. We all do it. Sometimes it’s An Ordeal. No one cares. Except apparently everyone cares?????

Anyway I’m from the US and am wondering if it’s just a US thing? It feels like a thing that is very American to do.

Chuckling as I put dishes away cos we never ever use the “big” forks

1-too big
2-delivers too much food at once

They’re like the wide-mouth opening on soda cans

Digging up Lovecraft to get his thoughts on Euclidean horrors

(Please don’t ruin this joke by talking about how it’s named after the town of Euclid and has nothing to do with math, I ALREADY KNOW) and @support are both potential options if masto dot host will let you export your instance.

I’ve used Spacebear for almost a year at this point. It’s been lovely.

Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

Project Jortage (attn: instance admins) :boost_ok: 

last week I started Project Jortage, a collaboratively paid for S3-compatible media storage solution for fediverse instances

instances can join the pool for free, optionally donating to our OpenCollective. Jortage primarily offers cross-instance media deduplication which is a huge gain for Mastodon instances that indiscriminately copy all media

current members include,,,,, and a smattering of personal instances

learn more:
join by emailing or DMing me; I'll walk you through migrating from your current media storage

Instance block recc 

I think is a KF-adjacent instance, please correct me if wrong.

admins: would you pay me on patreon/ko-fi for a monthly export of my instance's defed list?
(local users can see it when they're logged in.)
boosts are ok! replying is ok! being a replyguy is not!

fitness, reassurance 

my old trainer posted this and i appreciate it so much!

“there is no right or wrong way to exercise - enjoy using your body.”

toot that automatically deletes and re-posts every time someone interacts with it

amazing move masto host, i am happy to introduce you all to , 9€ per month for a personal instance and i barely look at your database size we all share the costs

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