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It's here!

Our toadlilies album, "steal yourself" is now on bandcamp (and other streaming sites)!

If you enjoy dreampop keyboards, vocals low in the mix, and distortion on everything with strings, this may be your jam. (Check it out if not, could be a good surprise!)

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I have a solo music project called "corporate//astrology" (because I hate search engines, apparently).

It's the most self-indulgent bit of bleep-bloop electronic delight.

I just released my first full length album "techs arcana" on Jan 4.

Wooooo boy but does it ring different knowing it comes from the exploitative, extractive, appropriative, toxic-positivity, capitalist woo-sphere

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I will never forget learning on the Maintenance Phase podcast that The Most Cited Nelson Mandela Quote (in several films!!!) is actually by

Marianne fucking Williamson

Station Eleven S01E05, no spoilers 

The odd episodes are better than the evens

Episode 5 was so rough cos there are no heroes and no villains, only a handful of people pushed beyond what is reasonable.

And the price is too high.

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I just realized this calculator may be older than some folks on here. That’s okay.

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One of my prize possessions is my TI-86. Made before the TI-83Plus and superlative in every way.

Better color scheme, too.


Hey everyone, I'm a trans woman of color and I'm seriously struggling to survive right now and I really need help with rent, food and medicine. Ive been working for the last 10 years as a full service survival sex worker but I really can't do it anymore right now because my mental health is at an extremely dangerous low point. I'm trying to survive but things are really dire right now. Thank you so much for reading this and any help is appreciated.

Words/phrases I dislike (not comprehensive):

-thought leader

That thing where the more inconsequential a thing is the more annoying it is?

That's me when I'm reading an article from a Vaunted Publisher and the embedded hyperlinks include preceding or following spaces between words or punctuation.

Like, stop that.

please, i'm begging you, offer your lefty-themed t-shirts in colors other than black. i've been a metalhead for most of my life, i've had my fill of black t-shirts

What do we call folks who are furries, but for insects?

I know furries, scalies, would these be exo-skellies?

Idk. The music video for Junglepussy's "Spiders" got me thinking.

looking to buy a book about "urban gardening" in t u r k i s h for a kurdish woman who recently migrated to london

she leaves in the outskirts of the city and has access to a big garden
tld about her desire to grow vegetables and flowers together with her two kids

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I will never learn what a layer is in photo manipulation. I will keep this promise to my dying fucking breath.

Me: I am fairly competent in computers

Also me: If there is a way to forget "turn it off and on again" I will discover it

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I just spent 45 minutes trying to troubleshoot spouse’s computer not recognizing wifi OR LAN and all I needed to do was unplug and re-plug in the damn surface dock.

what's your preferred way to learn a new language? I probably missed some obvious ones, let me know in the comments if it's something different! plz boost for reach :boost_ok:

Please consider helping a Queer Caribbean writer as she rebuilds her life

We helped Lupita escape an abusive relationship! We're trying to help her rebuild her life, every little bit counts. Pls rb, crosspost and or donate if you can! Thank you to everyone helping
If you would like to help but not use GFM, please shoot me a message and Ill give you my venmo/cashapp info

thank you to everyone who has boosted & donated!!

asking for help 

Hey, lovelies.

Sooo, as I'm quickly learning what I've taken to calling "the Contractor's Burden", I have once again not been paid on-time. You can bet your ass that they're going to be getting an earful from me, because this pattern has gotten *very* old.

In the meantime, I've got a few bills coming up, as well as no money for food.

If you could: would you mind kicking me a few bucks to get some of this nonsense under control?$somarasu

Love you 💖

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